Application Settings

This section covers the settings behind your fixed asset application. We do NOT recommend you change any of these settings without first consulting your AssetEdge implementation professional.
General Ledger
Debit: Fixed Asset Clearing Account                         $1,000,000
Credit: Accounts Payable                                                  $1,000,000
Debit: Building                                                            $1,000,000
Credit: Fixed Asset Clearing Account                         $1,000,000
Standard Dimensions
Fixed Assets
Multi-entity / Multi-currency
It is common for multi-level entities to only allow master data at the top-level, and to only allow asset entry at the lower-level. 
Update Asset Projections Button
Clicking this button will essentially "refresh" each asset's information and status for each depreciation posting period. If you ever make manual changes to your GL and notice that accumulated depreciation is out of sync for some assets, updating the asset projections should fix this for you. For instance, if you deleted a journal entry that recorded depreciation in a prior period, accumulated depreciation will be wrong in the asset's record. You may consider using the update to fix this. Upon click of the button, you can add comments for why you are running the update; then click Yes. The update kicks off an offline process so it will take a few minutes for the screen to refresh.